Question for E9 Financial Gurus

Hi All,

We are in the implementation phase and we are currently setup as single
company with two plants. We've had some turnover of key people at the
beginning of the year and with that we lost the people that knew exactly
why we went with two plants. Everything is pointing to the main reason
being so that we can have separate GL accounts for inventory for the two
plants but we are finding that, from an operational stand point,
multi-plant is just not working for us. (too much complexity in a very
simple process)

So, my question is, if we go to single company/single plant, can we
control, at the warehouse level, which GL account is used for inventory

For example, we have one warehouse to represent Plant A and another
warehouse to represent Plant B. Part A has inventory in both warehouses
and when inventory transactions take place, a separate set of GL
accounts is used depending on which warehouse the transaction was

It looks like the COA allows the concept of dynamic (and optional)
segments and it looks like a dynamic segment can be the warehouse but I
don't know enough to know if this is what I'm looking for.

Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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