Questions about Miscellaneous "percent" type charges

We are experimenting with miscellaneous line charges at the moment. We’ve noticed that if a customer has a discount applied to them, a miscellaneous charge added to the line as a percent type uses the Gross extended amount to calculate the misc charge, rather than the net extended amount.

For example, a customer is given a 10% discount on all products. A line is entered on an order for 10 each of an item at $10 apiece, for an extended price of $100. The system will calculate a 10% discount, or $10. So the line has a gross extended amount of $100, discount of $10, with a Total (net) Price of $90.

A miscellaneous charge is added as a Percent type, with 8% being the percentage. When the system calculates the amount of the misc charge, it uses the $100 (gross extended price) instead of the $90 (net extended price), and the charge calculates as $8 instead of $7.20.

What is the business logic supposed to be doing, and is it configurable anywhere? Ideally, we want the percentage miscellaneous charge calculated against the NET price, not the GROSS price.

Any input would be much appreciated.


I know it’s been more then 2 years since you’ve asked this but I recently got involved with Epicor and I wanted to help out other people who are currently struggling with this problem. The way we solved this was to create a BPM that scales the misc charge percentages by the discount percentage. The problem with this is that if you add a second misc charge like shipping charges, It will get discounted however the 2 misc charges will calculate separately. So if you have 3% credit card surcharge fee and a 30$ shipping fee for a certain order, the credit card surcharge will scale to 1.5%(if the customer has 50% discount) but the cc surcharge won’t include the shipping fee. If anyone wants it I can give more details about our current bpm.

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I was hoping that you might be able to elaborate on this. We are currently trying to add a Surcharge and need it to re-evaluate when the Line Discount Percentage is changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!