Quick search in Epicor

I added a quick search in one of my forms recently. While trying to locate it using the search button, I was able to find the quick search that I created, but it shows me two tabs with the same name Quick search in Search form. I know that the purpose of both these tabs are different, but Is there any way to change/customize the name of one of the tabs to something else to avoid confusion?


I’m not sure if the tab itself can be altered, but is the label of the search bar (“Description”) not enough to indicate its purpose?

Hope this helps,
Matthew Morgan

I was also unsure if the tab could be altered. I just did not want my users to get confused. But thank you for your reply.

It looks to me like you have your Quick Search set as the default which will replace the Base search tab which is why the tabs are showing twice like that. If you click the Base Search button it will go back to the standard setup.

If this is the way you want with your new search as the default it I suspect that most users will not even notice. Mine have not ever said anything and I have a similar setup for the Part Search. They were just happy to have the search options they asked for.

If there are multiple Quick Searches the others are still available under the second tab.

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