Quick Search vs Basic Search discrepancies

Are there known issues that quick search results do not always pull the correct data into the field even though in the results grid, it displays the correct information? The issue we are seeing that the quick search brings in the correct PO lines but then it doesn’t bring it into the field correctly. However when we use the Basic search, then it pulls in that PO line correctly. The error we are seeing in Project Entry when we attach PO’s using the quick search that it already thinks there is a duplicate PO line already when there is not.

This may be a little tricky as the search isn’t returning a record, but displaying something after updating something else.
Is it correct after refreshing the record?
Or, you may need to return the SysRowID.
If that does not work, I would offer you should look into customizing the basic search instead. I can’t find code on it from my phone, but it may be out there.