Quick Search


I created a quick search for the Inspection Processing screen. When I right click on the Reason field, I can navigate to the quick search. But I am not able to include the quick search under the search menu when I click on the binoculars icon on the top. How can I get my quick search entry to show up under the actual search menu on click of the binoculars icon? Any help is appreciated on this. Thank you.

The Inspection processing baq needs to be built from the Inspection Processing search and return on of the types of inspections.

Click the Binoculars and then search and right click to open quick search entry.

I did that, but it still doesn’t show up in the search menu. Am I missing something?

I did one also and it did not show. This is a special search, so it may not allow them.

I would ask support.

Okay. Thank you for your help.