QuickSearch on Multi Resource Scheduling Board

Hey there,

I’d like to add a quick search to select resources on the Multi Resource Scheduling Board. I have a BAQ ready to go. But there’s no field to right-click/open with Quick Search Entry. So I put Quick Search Entry on the menu and shoehorned this in:

I entered the “Called From” field via an updatable dashboard, but it doesn’t seem to matter if the field is empty or not.

Of course, I get no quick search coming up in the list:

But, then, a BAQ search works:

That would be fine if the search would honor a parameter, but you just get everything.

Anyone done this with better results than I’ve gotten?



Try this. Instead of using the Quick Search entry menu you created click on the Resource button and bring up a record into the Multi Resource Scheduling Board. Then right click on the ResourceID data field and select Quick Search Entry. Create your quick search and Criteria and save.
Now click on the Resource button > Quick Search tab. Does your quick search show up now?

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It does! Thanks!