Quickship dependency on Epicor version?

Is the version of Quickship agnostic to the version of Epicor or are their dependencies?

I ask as we are running 10.2.400 version of Epicor, and we received an email saying if we don’t upgrade QuickShip to 5.4 it may stop working on Aug 1st. I think we can upgrade only Quickship and deal with an Epicor upgrade at a later date, but hoping someone can confirm.

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Your cam should be able to tell you for your respective version.

I had the same question and we are on 10.2.500.7, they told me I could update quick ship without an issue. We updated our quick ship to latest version without a problem.


Quick Ship On-premises requires Kinetic ERP 10.2.x or later
Quick Ship Cloud requires Kinetic 2021.1 or later

Adobe has announced end of life for its flash builder by Aug 17 2023, which is a critical component used in authenticating and logging into the application. All Quick Ship versions starting from 5.4 and below (including Manifest applications) will need to upgrade their Quick Ship solution, in order to ensure business continuity. Your CAM should be able to share more details.


Rahul, will the flash builder still work after the end of life date?

That’s the thing I wanted to clarify.

I already upgraded, I just wanted to know for all those that aren’t able to upgrade, their QS is still going to work yeah?

Utah, per our understanding, the flash builder will stop working after the end of life date. Existing customer impact can range from not being able to login into the application to having certain functionalities not working, depending on their Manifest/Quick Ship application version.

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Thanks Rahul.