Quote address

According to the data dictionary:

“The contacts associated with a customer (not ship to) are allowed to have address, city, state, zip and country fields that are different from that of their associated customer. If not blank, these address fields are printed on the Quote form; otherwise the customer address is used.”

How do we make this happen? We would really like the contact address (associated with the local branch) to be the address on the quote form, not the main billing address where the invoices go.

  • The contact is associated is associated with the Customer and is NOT associated with a particular ship to.

  • I was unable to check Primary Context checkbox on the Links tab in Person Contact Maintenance.

  • The contact is associated with the quote and the Primary Contact checkbox (Quote | People | Contacts | Detail) is checked.

It still shows the customer main billing address in both the Summary and the Header and when it prints out.

What I am missing?

Hmmm… seems like it did work for me, just not fully automatically, convoluted.

Ref screen shots



Love the address! Yes, this is the solution. I had seen the checkbox, but thought it was some sort of third option - beyond the customer address or the contact address (which I thought, based on the definition, automatically populated).

This does make sense, though, since a contact can be associated with multiple customers and it’s the customer-contact entity that has the address, not the contact by itself.


Yeah, that is where (I think) I lived in the 70’s.