Quote Currency - E10

Hi everyone,

When we create a new quote, the currency used in the quote is the default currency for the selected customer. One thing I’ve noticed however is that once a quote has been created and a line added, the currency cannot be changed.

This can be frustrating if you’ve added a lot of lines and/or details before realising that we were actually required to quote a different currency but apparently the only way to fix this is to create a new quote in the currency required, then copy the lines over.

Answer from Epicor support was “there is no way you can change currency one you have entered a line because this is how Epicor has been designed to work.”

Seems a bit of a long winded solution to something that doesn’t sound (well to me anyway) too difficult to change.

Was thinking maybe a BPM to prompt the user to always confirm currency.

Any suggestions?

Cheers in advance.

Have you tried an updatable dashboard?

Not yet, just gauging for ideas at the moment. Appreciate your suggestion. Thank You

We have the same issue. At the moment we export the quote lines to excel and insert them into a new quote which is a sub-optimal approach! I will be interested in hearing other approaches to this as well.


A BPM seems to work for the first part to ensure the user enters the required currency at the quote creation stage but obviously this doesn’t help if a change of currency is required once any lines have been added.
Still open to suggestions for that one :slight_smile: