Quote Customer ID change

How would you go about solving this dilemma.

We have a dummy customer ID for quoting purposes. We want to be able to create quotes for many different potential customers without the effort to create the customer ID unless they actually accept the quote.

The problem we’re seeing is when a potential customer agrees to make the quote, we create the actual customer record and then update the quote to use that actual customer ID.

When we do that, Epicor changes all the pricing on all the lines back to 0. We’ve tried to click the override price list but it didn’t affect it. It still changes the line back to 0 when you update the ID.

We don’t want to have to make the customer ID first because it’s a lot of labor to make the customer, and that labor is wasted if they never become a real customer.

Any ideas on how to approach the saving of the prices on Customer ID change?

Don’t you want to know which customer each quote is for? I think you’re making it difficult for yourself trying to skip steps. It only takes an ID, Name, and Terms to create a Suspect customer record.

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Thank you for your idea.

I’m told it’s not important to capture customer information for non-customers. We also use a webpage to make the quotes to the dummy customer ID with REST, which streamlines the quote process considerably.

They only want to go back and change the quotes for customers that actually become “real” customers. We’re reaching out to our Epicor partner for help with it. I think they might be able to save the pricing and re-apply it through/after the ID change inside a BPM


I’m sure you could override the logic in a BPM, but you always have to ask if what you are doing is necessary.
If you are automating the creation of a quote with REST, can’t you automate the creation of a customer at the same time?

When you say “…back to 0”, do you mean that the part Unit Price is $0 in the part table?