Quote Entry - Trigger GetMtlBuyItInfo via code


I have a BPM on QuoteAsm.GetMtlBuyItInfo that working as requested.
The new request was to add a custom field that will go along with the Purchase Direct checkbox on the Quote Materials. This new checkbox will allow users to toggle if the BPM on QuoteAsm.GetMtlBuyItInfo will run or not (it is included as a condition in the BPM).

So far everything is working.
What I am trying to do now is to trigger the QuoteAsm.GetMtlBuyItInfo method whenever the new custom checkbox is toggled.

My question is, how can I manually trigger this method, GetMtlBuyItInfo, from the UI?

At this point, you will have to force a “Save” or “Update” event when the user changes that checkbox.
It is also possible to use a function instead and call the function from the customization.

Thanks Jason.

I tried to call this method from the adapter whenever this new field is toggled.
It works, however the base process doesn’t seem to trigger unless the Purchase Direct checkbox itself is changed. I’m not sure how to “trick” the base process to run.