Quote Line Cost - Purchased Part

We have a need to create quotes for parts that we would purchase from our supplier and re-sell to our customer. It would be a single purchased part that has no manufacturing information associated with it. The part is set up in Epicor, and has one or more associated Suppliers with pricing (Supplier Price List).

When creating a quote and creating a line using this purchased part, there is no cost information being pulled in, so it is not quick and easy to come up with a unit price without doing another lookup in the Supplier Price List, etc.

Is it possible to get the quote line to gather cost information, either from the Supplier Price List, or past purchase history, etc?

Thank you

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There is no automatic way to do this. You could create a BPM for it… OR, you could simply right-click on the part and go to the Purchase Advisor, which will show you the price lists, past purchase history, current open POs, etc.

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Going off of what @timshuwy recommended:
You could create a BAQ to show all the valid Price List Prices for the part and then that the QuoteDetail.PartNum’s Extended Properties BAQ Zone to that.
Then when there is a value in the Part Num field the user can hover over the Part number field and the BAQ will execute and display the matches for that part.

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