Quote Order Wizard

When customizing the quote order wizard. My UD fields keep coming in disabled but the native controls are editiable and linked to the epibinding the need by and request date. my ud field is linked to a control on the orderhed dataview not the need by ship by field. Not sure how to get around this.

What does the binding look like on native controls? Perhaps they are to a dataview and not a DB table.

Maybe you have to add the UD column to the dataview when the form loads.

here is the need by date on quote to order wizard

Is it just disabled, or disabled AND not showing the expected value?

it is enabled and not allowing me to enter information.

I’m finding something strange… When I try to select the binding, not all of my UD fields on OrderHed appear. In fact, just one of about 15 are available for selection.

I have a UD column of type date:


But it doesn’t show in the Binding selection:


(and no, it’s not at the end of the list of fields. OrderType_c)

Okay so im not the only one. So i am doing this customization in 10.2.700.3 hopefully i did not find a bug lol

I wonder if can assign the binding via the script editor. and go that route.

You might need to bind your control to CallContextBpmData.Date01 then in a BPM use that value to populate the field in the OrderHed table.


The BPM to use would be on Quote.DefaultOrderFields()

It looks like the field is still grayed out and unable to populated the field. In the current quote process it looks like the quote is won which is okay. But i am able to still create a new order of the quote I need to update po number but the New field is is read only like the data view is still not accessible.

I have opened a support ticket and was assigned a problem. The problem is PRB0232093

I had to do a customization like what you are doing. I needed to check a field on the Quote and if it was empty, have the user enter it. What I did was create a BPM Data Form to have the user enter the data in and then saved it to a BPM Context Field. When the Order was actually being created, I set the field then.