Quote won, but still open

I am in the process of cleaning up old quotes in anticipation of putting a BPM in place to automatically lose open quotes older than 90 days. However, I ran into a snag. I see that there are 215 of my 1839 “won” quotes that currently remain open. I looked through a few and nothing jumped out at me why the quote would be open.

Does anyone know what the rules/logic in place for “closing” the quote are as it pertains to it being marked as “won”?

How can you be sure that someone didn’t re-open it?

I suppose they could’ve. I will ask the same of our internal team to see if there are reasons why quotes are re-opened after they are won.

I think to duplicate a quote you have to open it, not sure though.

My understanding is that “won” quotes do not close automatically. Someone needs to close the quote after it is marked as “won”.

So when I use the UI to win or lose a quote, it always closes the quote at the same time. However, I am now trying to lose the quote through a BPM and I can get it to complete/lose the task, but I can’t get the Quote to close through the BPM. Any ideas? I’m trying to close it by firing the OpenCloseQuote method. I don’t get an error, I just also don’t get a closed quote.

If you use tasks you need to close the task too probably?

Just to provide some sort of closure, I couldn’t replicate a situation where the quote is won but did not close. My overall goal was to automatically complete the task on the quote to lose any expired quotes and I was able to do that via a BPM triggered on a weekly schedule. Losing the task appears to also lose and close the quote without any other intervention when you call it through the proper BO Method.

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Great, thanks.