QuoteDtl EntryDate UD Field - BPM or Data Directive to update it?

Hello All,

We are adding an entry date field on QutoeDtl and we need to update it whenever a QuoteDtl row is added. My question is, should I look at all the different business objects that are called when creating a new line through the new line action, copy lines action, or duplicate quote action OR should I just use an in-transaction data directive on quote dtl and loop through the ttQutoeDtl table where RowMod == A and then update the field with DateTime.Now? OR… is there another way I am not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


I vote in-trans data directive with the added row check in an if-block (I think that’s the easiest route). I don’t THINK you would even need to loop through anything. I think it should fire for each new row and do your update each time.

Something as simple as this?

Looks good to me! One less widget than I was thinking too (no condition block), well played.

What is in your BpmFuncNow expression to get this working?

You may have to ask @slitzau or @jdewitt6029 .

Depending on how you setup your UD field you can use either BpmFunc.Now() for Date/Time or BpmFunc.Today() for just the Date

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Thanks Scott, that rings a bell. @cchang