QuoteMtl MtlSeq changes when importing via DMT

I understand that DMT uses the business object to create new records and that end up overriding imported data.

There’s a work around for this, for things like QuoteDtl.QuoteLine - as they are always incremented by 1.

DMT aut assigns QuoteMtl.MtlSeq, but with a step of 10. This prevents “fixing” data if you have a MtlSeq that is not a multiple of 10.

V8!QuoteMtl.MtlSeq = 35 become 40 in E10. And if the next record from V8 happened to be 40, then that overwrites original 35.

What to do? Or am I worrying about nothing and should just let the new numbers fall where they may?


MTL Sequence can be set in DMT so I am not sure what you are refering to here… If you set the MTL Sequence to number X it should honor it.

Here’s what was in the input file

And here’s what ends up in E10 DB

MtlSeq 35 becomes 40, 61 -> 70, 62 -> 80, 100-> 90

That’s strange… Try and run the same file again (now as an update)

Remove the records from E10 first?

No, run the initial file again (now that the records are there) and run it as an Update.

Okay. Here’s what i’ve done

  1. Removed all ecords for the QuoteNum\QuoteLine\Assy in question. Confirmed that E10 has no records for 159200\1\0

  2. Processed the following - with both Add and Update checked

  3. Qry’d E10 for 159200\1\0. I get

  4. With the same data in DMT, ran the process with just UPDATE checked. Got 4 errors

  5. Qry’d E10 for 159200\1\0. I get (note that there’s an extra line now.

EDIT: No extra line, but 100 was redifined

Hmmm that seems like a bug then it should allow for changing the MTL Sequence… Epicor does… (you are on 8.03 though so maybe not)… maybe @Edge has some input on this?

The source data is from 8.03.

The DMT program is “DMT for 10.1.400”

How about doing the initial import again as Add Only so that SEQ 35 becomes SEQ 40 and SEQ 40 (should become 50)?

  1. Ran “Add” with data from step 2 (above). Got 7 errors

  2. qry’d E10 and got 3 more lines (35 -> 110, 61->120, 62 -> 130)

Yeah but you need to "Clean’ the system first so that no data exits. Then Import with Add Only

I think then it should make 35-> 40 and 40 -> 50 etc…

  1. Deleted all related records - confirmed by querying E10

  2. Processed original data with just “Add” checked. No errors

  3. Qry of E10 yields same problem (MtlSeq replaced

Hmmm Add only shouldn’t be replacing… that smells like a bug. Poke at Support?

Email address for DMT support?

DMT == Epicor just called the main number

Last time I called Epicor about a DMT question, I was directed to DotNet.uk (or something like that)

Right but epicor bought DMT and DotNet IT and they are now a part of Epicor (main)

Hmmmm … Are you sure that you can change the MtlSeq in a Quote?

Using Actions \ Quote Line \ Mfg Details \ Add Material auto sets the MtlSeq. to 10 above the last item.

I even tried using Paste update into the grid view, with:

But the MtlSeq ends up being changed to a multiple of 10.

You can in 10
You have to add the material, then Update the Number