Quoting Questions

Good Morning,

Can anyone answer a couple of procedural questions regarding the quotation
module. We are still quoting from our non-Y2k compliant application and I
am trying to address quoting's problems with the quoting module in Vantage

1. How do you handle responses to RFQ's from customers that are beyond your
machine capacity or just something that you would not like to quote?
Currently we use a no quote letter that is generated from a (old system)
database containing a log of our fax, mail, and email RFQ's. Vantage does
not allow for such a log and many of our RFQ's come from customers not in
our customer master file. Any ideas?

2. We do in-house zinc plating that has a minimum charge below a certain
poundage (we manually have to convert to pcs for std rate) and anything
above the minimum is charged at a per pc price. Sub-Contract
operation allow for this type of scenario but in-house ones do not, as far
as I can see. Any ideas?

3. Tooling surcharge. We charge a $.03 charge to all quotes to allow for
indirect tooling costs. I suggested entering this in the BOM as a per pc
cost of the $.03. Does anyone do something like this and can advise on
setting this up. It would be nice if there was a system setting that would
allow this to be done automatically to allow for recurring costs.

Thanks for any input.

Darren Mann
Miller Products Co.