Random Users Unreleasing Jobs

We have Job Entry pretty locked down security-wise, but sporadically over the last few weeks we have noticed that a couple users have unreleased jobs. These users don’t have access to Job Entry or Job Status Maintenance. When asked about the tasks they were doing at the time, they had no recollection of unreleasing the jobs, but our change log says it was their user.

MRP is not running. The users don’t have any scheduled processes. I can’t find any updatable dashboards where the released checkbox would be available to them.

Epiccare suggests a BPM, but the only BPM that should be interacting with this Job is a change log on JobHead.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea where else those users could be unreleasing jobs?

Then add a DD on JobHead and assign a singular user group permission to release jobs.

Instead of a BPM, you could add security to the Service Security Maintenance:

and for Job Entry: