Ransomware rebuild

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We got hit by ransomeware and I am rebuilding an E9 SQL as fast as possible. I have E9 part installed as of 2AM, but could use emergency professional support. I also need an APM 3.0 and Insite 4 setup.

I am going to church now, but will be working on this starting by 2PM eastern.

If you can point me to the official way to request I will do that asap.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Greg Payne
Compulink site 97277
813-766-4625 Cell

Nothing on epicweb?
I assume you already called tech support?

Admitting my e9 ignorance here but asking a few questions internally

This will definitely get me to get us up to 10.2 asap.

Epicweb has urgent and I did just put in a ticket, but I need the button for I am totally hosed.

I had not called in or put in a ticket before since I did not have a network, servers or a database to work from until late last night. My bad, but I hate making people wait until I know if I am able to recover any data.

This samsam variant knew about Veeam backups and sent a purge all command that our Exagrid appliance and its DR backup both took, so we were scrounging for anything that had not been destroyed

Also, If anyone has advice on how to do a week of catch up efficiently as we have been on paper and not billed any jobs in a week.



Definitely a reason people are looking to cloud but not one I want anyone to live thru

That is definitely true.

Greg - WOW man, so sorry to hear about the attack. Wish I could buy you a drink afterwards - cause you’re gonna deserve it.

Been too long for E9 install for me to help, but I’ve got a name on the APM(Doclink) team that I can forward to you if you need it.


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Support is officially online as of 7am central so if you still need assistance, please call in on the system down line (888) 374-2679 and follow the first prompt for system down.

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Thanks. Jose got me running and I am rebuilding now. I will probably have to call a few times today.