RB Grouping

Hi, all!

I am working on a report that shows total invoicing by sales rep. I'm NOT a big fan of the "SalesRepList" field! We have inside reps and outside reps. Their codes are like the following: IS03, and OS15. Unfortunately, for those two reps, I can see IS03~OS15~~~~, IS03~~OS15~~~, and IS03~~~OS15~~! It's easy enough for me to set up the report if someone wants to know what kind of invoicing can be attributed to IS03. It's also easy to write one that will grab all invoicing related to OS15. What I WANT is to be able to have the report group all invoicing by outside reps in one report. I can't figure out how to do that when the outside reps' codes move around in the string. The above example gives me three separate totals.

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

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