RDD Linked Tables report not showing up

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I have a ProFormaInvoice report that we linked a couple tables/fields into the RDD using the Linked Tables tab. Problem is that the report is bombing on the OrderHed data source. I pulled in the query to SSMS and put in the table GUID and tried to run it. All of the linked fields don’t exist on that data source. Is there a trick or something? I looked at the table and they just aren’t there.

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For the new tables, make sure you set the Relationship type as ‘Output’ and not ‘Definition Only’. To test the SSRS report, you need to set an archive period when you print/preview the report (1 day, week, etc.) otherwise Epicor will clear those records from the report DB.

Thank you. I do have the report dataset archived. Do the linked tables need to be created as a data source and then a relationship established? I thought the point of using the linked tables was that it happend automagically.

Ahh, I’ve just realized you’re using the Linked Tables tab. I was talking about adding regular tables just like you said there (datasource + relationships). I’m afraid I haven’t used the linked tabs before.

It turns out, there was a missing data source in our customized RDD that the new version apparently added. So I re-created the RDD from the new version.
Then, once I got the report working again I realized it was not printing anything for the Sold To Customer. I guess they also started using the Calc_SoldToAddressList field instead of the Calc_BillToAddressList field when the Bill To = Ship To. So I had to modify the RDL to correct that as well. Fun times. Problem solved.

I guess to answer the original question about linked fields. There is nothing special that needs to be done. The linked field names will be under the table alias that they are linked to with linkedfield_fieldname as the field name (similar to a BAQ report format). For example, T1.BTCustNum_City. Mine were not making it in the dataset because the dataset was not completely pushing out to the Report Server… it would push most of the tables but the “linking” must happen after all the table data sources are put out there… and since it didn’t get all tables out there, it errored before getting to the linking part.