.RDL Size Limit?

We’re cloud customers that got the update last weekend and now I have reports that print fine can’t be downloaded and uploaded again unless I trim them to under 3mb. Trying to upload files larger than that gives this error.

I’m kind of salty about how many hours of tinkering it took me to discover I can upload the report if I shrink it since the error contains no info. EpicCare support still hasn’t confirmed or denied the limit. Anybody else seeing this or able to confirm it?

Is it an image that is making it that large? Have you edited the image to be smaller? I’ve seen many customer who will add an image file that is 6in x 9in and display it as 1in wide. If you make the image 1in wide beforehand, it will be 1/9th the size.

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Yeah, that’s the process I’m working through and I think I’ll be able to make them all work. I just wish the error had told me that was the problem or that support was aware of the change so it wouldn’t have taken me so long to find the issue.

They still haven’t confirmed it so I’m just hoping that’s really the whole problem.

I think there was a epicor idea to make the company logo functionality work for all reports. Then you would have been able to convert the RDL over to that.

Worked fine in Pilot and then suddenly in Live something had changed?

The reports print fine, they just can’t be uploaded in Report Style Maintenance. I never tested uploading in Pilot prior to the upgrade to Live. They do not upload in Pilot either.

Check over on the left under Images. If you’ve uploaded the logo a couple times, it will just keep them!
Delete the ones you don’t need.

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I used the database images feature to attach my images and removed them from the .rdl file. My report comes in at 2.5mb now so I guess I’ll just cross my fingers for the future.

And no, Epicor has not confirmed the size limit or confirmed that the empty error 500 is caused by the size of the file. I saw someone mention that the limit was 4mb before, I probably was just in the acceptably small group of people they knew they would hose with the change.

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