RE: Call Number 583663MPS Technical Support Reply: J

Now I remember.... If you do a complete regen it does pick it up
but the net change won't.

"Winter, Patrick" wrote:
> Are you sure, when I tested this in early access it did. MRP deletes all
> unfirm jobs.(Your case the old revision), It then consumes the forecast and
> creates new jobs to meet this. (In your case grabbing the new revision) You
> may need to unapprove the old revision, I'm not sure. The only down side I
> found is that it will eat up job numbers because if it creates a 1000 jobs
> and you firm up job 900, when it deletes unfirm and starts creating again it
> starts at 901 and does'nt reuse 1-900.
> Patrick J. Winter
> Information Services Manager
> sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
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> Our testing has shown this doesn't work. It apparently does
> not look at BOM/routing changes, only sales order/forecast/
> mps changes.
> "Winter, Patrick" wrote:
> >
> > The MRP module will do this for you on jobs that are unfirm.
> > (Remove the old job and create a new one with the latest rev.)
> > This is perfect for work center, work center rate changes, any updates to
> > part routings.
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