This is Becky Venneman, and for the past 12 1/2 years, I have been with
Technical Services, Inc. (TSI) in Ames, Iowa, and since July 2004 when
purchased Vista 6.1 to its' implementation in Sept 2004, and the
pending upgrade to 8.0, I have been a member of this list.

Frequently discussing shortcomings on the Engineer to Order aspects
that frustrated our engineers at TSI. Due to my advanced Crystal
knowledge that I may be consulting with TSI & other users in the
future, I am remaining a member of the group, utilizing my email
account through google (becky.venneman@...) to accomodate the
group messages at this time.

So, If I am not as active in the coming months, as I change companies
to one outside of the Industry I am currently in, I may be in touch on
a more irregular basis.

- Becky Venneman, CMA, SPHR