Re-open a Job

working on my own, I thought I was able to reopen jobs, but I have someone helping me get Epicor Implemented and he created a job and closed it, but neither of us can reopen it. Is there some way to reopen a job?

You should be able to re-open it (I think as long as the wip capture hasn’t been run). What are you seeing when you try to re-open it?

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that’s the thing, I don’t see a way of reopening it anywhere. I thought I was able to do that before. I am so confused

Uncheck this box.


we are still testing, so pardon the name but this is what happens when I try that

Did you try to just uncheck closed first? Then save it and uncheck complete next?

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It’s a project job, and you closed the project. Go to the project and re-open that first.


I thought it could have been a project, but I didn’t see that it was but I will try again, I will get right back to you.

Your error screen says that the name of the project is Pickle1. That’s the project that needs to be re-opened.

That’s gonna be right here.

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No, it is added to the job, but not a project job. But i thought it might have been as well, since it wasn’t me that did it, but after trying to open it from Project job, I got this message.

Ok, even if it’s not a project job, the error is telling you that you need to re-open the project.

Did you try to add this job? Or was it already there? If it was blank, just leave it blank (or whatever job it was)

Just re-open the project, then see if you can re-open the job.

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And to explain a little bit, because I think you might be confused.

A “Project job” is a place to put cost for things like R&D or crap that isn’t actually on a order. Development, tooling, generally overhead that you want to keep track of costs and hours, but don’t go directly to the inventory cost on the production jobs. A project can have 1 of these jobs.

Other jobs can be added to the project. (They aren’t “project” jobs) They are MFG jobs. This is stuff that is made for the order. You see the type in Job Entry (see below)

Apparently what you are seeing is that when a job is related to a project, once the project is closed, and the job is closed, you can’t re-open the job. Which makes sense because the job is going to do a bunch of analysis that would be off if you re-open the job and do some stuff on it.

Does that help? Sorry if you knew all that.

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And each phase has only one “project job”, which rolls up to THE Project Job.


I did, that is when it gave me that error the first time, then I unchecked closed and it gave me the error again.

I added that to see if it was a project job. And the job was added to the job list in the tree previously.

correct, we have had multiple jobs in there before.

I didn’t know that, so thank you so much. I found project job to be useless since you couldn’t view it in jobs, but that makes total sense. Thanks for the info.

thanks, Prior to you replying this I had started that, figuring the same but went into a meeting, came back to my desk and forgot it, thankfully your message was here to greet me so after I had opened the project, I went back into the job completion/closing maintenance and unchecked closed, it asked me about recalculating something, I forgot what, then I went back to the job, it wasn’t closed but it was completed, so I unchecked completed saved and went back to the job and it was open. Thanks so much for your help.