Re-sizing a crystal report

crystal report writer version 11

Problem: were trying to print a crystal report on a specific size label…at the moment, were getting a lot of paper wastage as its printing 1 label on A4. The label itself is probably a 8th the size of A4.

Is the correct method to adjust the physical printer settings OR to reduce the size of your crystal report in crystal report writer?..if its the latter, how is this done?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Rowley150 ,

If you open the label in Crystal Reports and click on File - Page Setup you get the options below. The options selected are the ones that work best for us when printing labels.


Then we setup that (2x2) Stock size on our Label Printer and the user selects that Stock each time they print the label:


Does that help at all? Or maybe I’m not understanding exactly what you are trying to do?

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Thank you so much for your advice.
I’m going to test tomorrow morning with my colleague, so i will let you know. :slight_smile:

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Are you trying to use a sheet of labels? Then you need to set Crystal up as follows:

  1. Page Setup should be for the sheet size (A4 in your case). Do like @ERPSysAdmin said: dissociate the page size, and set margins to zero (you may have to set these to whatever the “margin” is from the page edge to the edge of the label)

  2. Enable multiple columns in the section expert

  3. Set the individual label size and spacings in the Layout tab

The design view will show one row of labels, but on the one with white background is the one you design in. moving a field in the white area, automatically moves the same field in the “other” labels of the row. The corresponding field in the “other” labels doesn’t move right away. If you preview the labels and then return to the design view, the “other” labels will reflect the moved field.

EDIT: - Before you start banging your head, there is something weird where sometimes I can set the label width in the Layouts tab, and sometimes it is disabled (but shows the proper width). Off the top of my hed, I’m not sure where to look when that’s the case.

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Thank you for the feedback and responses - just to confirm, its a roll of labels that we need to set it up for.
Were testing it this morning.

UPDATE: We got a little further but its still not how we want it…so in crystal we have page setup settings of: A4, portrait with 0 margins.
In section expert/details/layout we have 12 x 9 cms and gaps of 15cms x 15cms so that essentially 1 label fits on one “page” before it is ripped off at the perforation.
(The actual label size is 10.2cms x 7.6cms)
However when we print - we see all the detail BUT its tiny and not useable. It seems to be centred ok but the font and everything is really small.

Our crystal screen looks like this:

the label printed looks like this:

To also note:…it prints at a different size if you click print as opposed to print preview and then print.

Hi Mark,
We’ve had this problem with our parts shipping labels.

Here’s the details on how we got ours fixed… We do not have network label printers; it’s a little label printer connected to shipping computers. Maybe our instructions will help you out too for your label printer.

The computer connected to the DYMO needs printer preferences set in order to have the labels print properly. This needs to be done one time on a computer. See screenshots below.

  1. Right click on DYMO in printer list (i.e., under control panel) and select printer preferences.

  2. Select “advanced” on paper/quality tab.

  3. Select paper size= 30256 shipping and then Ok / and Apply.

  4. If the printer preferences are not setup properly for a computer, then the label looks like the last graphic below, upon print.

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i’m just revisiting this forum post again…

does anyone know how to get these size and source settings…?
when i hit the dropdown on another label report they are not there

Looks like you need to select the correct label printer within the Report. If still not there, the steps above your post with images would be my guess. (late reply I know…!)