RE: Suggested Enhancement: Move the salesreplist field to

Good suggestion. I added my name to it. A related suggestion is to have
some security on salesperson commission rates. Don't other companies have
a problem with the comission rates showing up in at least 5 different
areas? The suggestion to add security to the rates is suggestion number
5976MPS. Call 1-800-269-3044, press option 1 and ask that your name be
added to the suggestion. It is virtually the only we to get changes done.
In Epicor's case, every vote does count.

Alex Neutgens
Circuit Check, Inc.

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Subject: [Vantage] Suggested Enhancement: Move the salesreplist field to a
table ins tead of a field string.

Suggested Enhancement:
Call Number: 719497PSC
Order Management
Move the salesreplist field to a table instead of a string of reps in the
This will aid in report builder report creations.

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