[RE:] Upgrading 6.10 to 8.0

My $.02..

I am planning for a 6 month implementation process similar to the
original install starting the first week of January. Right now I am in
the process of building our network up by purchasing new servers and
upgrading the users. I have decided to go with a Citrix environment vs.
the cost of replacing 20 - 30 PCs. The cost of Citrix licensing, and
clients is not a huge savings, if any, to purchasing new PCs. The cost
justification can be made by the savings made on the next overhaul, and
by the ease of administration.

Bruce Butler, IT Manager

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Has anyone successfully upgraded from 6.1 to 8.0?

If so, without going to much into depth, was it a long project?

Basically I want to know if I can do it myself, or if someone from
Epicor needs to do it, and whether a weekend is enough time.

I am using Progress and no terminal services. I assume I would not only
need to upgrade the server, but each workstation as well. I want to
tell everyone that on Monday morning when they come in everything will
be functional, but just looks different.

I know I will be asking this at my first Perspectives this year. I plan
to upgrade immediately afterwards. The biggest things I am looking
forward to are the auto-"booting" of users (timeout), and no lock-ups.
Our users get locked up multiple times a day.

Thanks for any input.

-Ben Belzer

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