Recall Button Grey out on T&E

Capture was ran on 2/1 and the T&E entries are for 2/5. Some peoples are greyed out, others are not for same job. Ideas?

Are the jobs that were entered for those days closed? If you closed the jobs that were reported by the employees then you cannot recall.

Worse case scenario, if you need to back out time, you can enter a negative amount of time for the same day, job, assm, and operation and you can back out the time that way. Capture WIP and Closing the job will both prevent the recall.

Job is open.

Yeah, but the Capture was done on the 1st. So, not sure why this is acting up.

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Is the labor header actually for the day that the labor is on? If I remember right, your employees don’t always clock in/out each day. (I mean in a general sense, not specific to the job)

Shows Clock in and out for today.

Do you use the Approval Process?

No, we do not use the Approval Process (workflow).


Did you ever figure this one out?

Just wondering what the Status was of the T&E Entry for that Job that you couldn’t Recall? Also, did you try opening the Labor Transaction record against that Job in Job Tracker and look to see if maybe it was still showing as an ActiveTrans?

I’m not really sure where these fields are coming from (I’m sure someone way smarter than me can probably tell you) but I just observed that these columns (EnableSubmit, EnableRecall, etc) were in the Labor Transactions tab:

When I search the help it lists these fields in the Labor Transaction Role Code Edit topic…

I thought this post was related to something similar that we experienced so I just started looking around. Not sure that’s much help but just an interesting observation I wanted to mention…

Figured it out today. The jobs had already been posted and are not active. So, unable to do anything from here.


Running into something similar, job is open, transactions are not active. As far as I know COS wip has not been run.

Nope they ran COS/WIP - well this is a pickle :stuck_out_tongue: