Receipt Entry - Mass Receipt disabled

My Shipping/Receiving manager calls me this morning and says he can no longer perform a “Mass Receipt” from the Receipt Entry menu. I went and looked, and it is true, that option is greyed out after he enters a PO and Packing Slip. However, if his assistant opens up Receipt Entry and puts in the SAME EXACT information, she can do a Mass Receipt.

Any ideas what would be causing the Mass Receipt menu option to be greyed out?

Use Personalization Purge (use Sys Mngmnt -> Purge/Cleanup Routines) to see if the manager has something wonky

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There were no personalizations that he had for that menu, but your thought process made sense. So, I went ahead and had him makes some changes to generate a personalization and then I purged it from the system. Worked like a treat. Thanks, Calvin :slight_smile: