Receive detail serial number to bartender

OK, I have tried for a while to get the right combination in rdd so the GenRcpt report will spit out the serial number to bartender during a rcv detail record…

I just need to figure out the right steps to make this happen.

My end goal example:
I order 3 vehicles from Joe Schmoe dealership via PO.
They arrive, and I scan in the vehicles that are Serial Tracked. We scan the Vin number of the vehicle during the receipt.
Bartender Prints 3 labels, 1 for each vehicle, each with their respective Vin on the label.

I can get bartender to print no problem, But I cannot get the serial number record in the data. I am sure I am doing something dumb, or missing a relationship step.

Anyone ever made this happen? Simply put, i just want a serial number on a Rcv Detail tag…