Received not Invoiced report at a specific date


Has anyone found a way to view the received not invoiced report at a certain date? I need to run the report as at 31st March to match back to the GL at 31st March, however I cannot see a way to do this?

I’m guessing the only way to do this would be to create a BAQ using the Receipts and AP Invoice tables?

Yes, there is no standard report for this to run as of past date to reconcile with GL. I have done in the past as BAQ referring to APInvDtl and APInvHed.


We are new to Epicor and running into this same issue. Any chance you could share your BAQ?

This is a time sensitive report. We run this every month end after final receipts are done, before knowing whether or not it is in balance.

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and don’t forget that AP Invoices also impact the balance on this report.

yes they do. We have a clean cut off for AP, except for Intercompany which we add later as reconciling items.

The software doesn’t currently support this, and I don’t know how difficult it would be to do so. In order to run something for a past date, the software must be able to scroll through all transactions and back-out all transactions till that past date… this has been done for Inventory reports and AR Aging, and AP Aging…

Also, for those interested in voting, there is an Epicor Idea available to vote on this feature: