Receiving Serialized Part for Inspection

We purchase parts that come with Serial numbers so these parts are tagged for Inspection. We have recently moved from E9 to E10 and are still adjusting and discovering differences. This one is odd and I can’t seem to find any documentation on this specific topic.

In E9:
Receipt Entry - Receiver creates the Receipt, adds the line, qty, receives
Inspection Processing - QA adds Serial Numbers
All is well

In E10:
SOMETIMES its the same as the E9 process, other times the Serial Numbers are rejected (or at least one with a random error that the SN is in use, it’s not)
Our current solution for this is to Un-Receive the line and add the SNs there

I have not noticed a difference in the Parts or POs or Receipts between the two instances

All received to Inventory, all Purchased Parts

I’m not sure if it was new in E10 or E9 (we jumped from V8 to E10), but receipts have two different flags. One called “Arrived”, and one called “Received”. An “Arrived” receipt does not increase inventory, while a received line does.

Perhaps your case needs to have the parts only marked as arrived, and not received.

Just creating the Receipt and adding the lines makes it ‘Arrived’ BUT it does not show up in ‘Inspection Processing’ until you ‘Receive’ it.

It needs to be in Inspection Processing for us to assign SNs

is there a specific part setup I’m missing? What we want is to only assign SNs in Inspection Processing not in Receipt Entry every time.