Recommendations on Barcode Scanners?

Any one have recommendations on barcode scanners that can scan 2d and be able to program a 30 sec delay after each scan?

something that mounts like this would be preferred but not required.


Not knowing specific use case, would a reread delay be of any use or does it have to happen for each scan no matter the code?

Alternatively, if you are wanting to do it in C# customization, you could disable the field after scan, start a background worker, throw a sleep timer on a background worker, and then reenable the field with the background worker. Would be kind of janky.

it would be a delay for mostly the same scan but any scan could be delayed and it not be a big deal.
The scan is feeding a job number to a customization we have to start the job and end previous jobs on an assembly line.

Delay for the same scan, then I would think one with a reread delay would be the best option - I would honestly just look up a model on Amazon then try to find the user manual for it to see if it has reread delay. Personally, I have no experience in that type of scanner.