Record Currently in Use

We have this all the time. Although, we can not pin point a specific PC,
location in the shop, or time of day.

We also get people who get clocked into a job with no job number, 0.00
quantity and 0.00 setup. Last time I called Epicor I got "Upgrade your
patch level." I did this last week and I am still having people getting
clocked into a blank job. These people have no idea how this happens to
them. I have to run the endact.r program and clear out their records in
Data Collection. Then they can clock back in.

As for the "Record is Currently is currently being used" problem. I get
into promon and disconnect the computer that they clocked in on and then
use the endact.r program to end their activity. Then they are fine.
Our Labor Entry person then has to correct their labor. That is what
we do. Here is some other comments on the subject when I asked the same
question awhile ago. I am on 4.0.902 Progress 9.0.B37 soon to be going
to 9.0.B44. This has happened to us since being on 4.0 through all of
the patch levels so far.

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Are these typically data collection users? Because I had a guy attempt
end activity in data collection, someone else was looking at shop
at the same time, locked him out with the "Record Currently in use"
then the data collection guy proceeded to two other workstations and
them up too. What a mess! Had to kill them all in promon (although I
have liked-nevermind), shut down all four computers to get it

Just a thought-but this happened in 3 - I can't imagine that record
would be a lot different in 4.



In Data Collection module (Vantage 4.0) we occassionally
get a "Record is
currently being used" message when the employee enters
the "employee ID" to
perform some data collection activity. This "error"
prevents the employee
from performing any data collection activities. The
employee is clocked in
(from yesterday, could not clock out last night) and has
began an activity
yesterday. There are no open windows where the employee
left an unfinished
activity on any data collection terminal.

I have only seen this problem with 2 or 3 employees, but
when it happens,
90% of the time it is one particular employee. The
usually clears itself up
if we wait 2-3 hours, but this time has not (8 hours).

Any Ideas as to cause / correction.

Thanks in advance.

Norm Watkins