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Are these typically data collection users? Because I had a guy attempt to
end activity in data collection, someone else was looking at shop warnings
at the same time, locked him out with the "Record Currently in use" error,
then the data collection guy proceeded to two other workstations and locked
them up too. What a mess! Had to kill them all in promon (although I would
have liked-nevermind), shut down all four computers to get it straightened

Just a thought-but this happened in 3 - I can't imagine that record locking
would be a lot different in 4.


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Since we have been on 4.0.811 we have been experiencing employees
getting locked out of their codes more often. With the error: "Record
Currently in Use." I have to find out the name of the PC they were
using and kill that machine in PROMON then use the endact.r program to
end the employee's activity. Then they can get back into their code.

This creates more work for our HR person, myself, and the employee who
has to manually write down their times and jobs, etc. I have not been
able to pin point the problem. It happens to PC in a variety of
location in the shop. It happens to different departments. It does not
happen consistently. As of yet I have found no similarities. Has
anyone else experienced this?

Juliet Martin
Rosenboom Machine & Tool, Inc.
1530 Western Avenue
Sheldon, IA 51201

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