Record is currently being used

Check promon for duplicate users logged in. Disconnect the oldest logon for
that computer. It's kind of hard for me to explain but basicaly the computer
that the employe was using may have crashed and vantage still thinks it is
logged into the database. Even though you restart vantage on that computer
it will not disconnect the old connection.
In Data Collection module (Vantage 4.0) we occassionally get a "Record is
currently being used" message when the employee enters the "employee ID" to
perform some data collection activity. This "error" prevents the employee
from performing any data collection activities. The employee is clocked in
(from yesterday, could not clock out last night) and has began an activity
yesterday. There are no open windows where the employee left an unfinished
activity on any data collection terminal.

I have only seen this problem with 2 or 3 employees, but when it happens,
90% of the time it is one particular employee. The usually clears itself up
if we wait 2-3 hours, but this time has not (8 hours).

Any Ideas as to cause / correction.

Thanks in advance.

Norm Watkins