Recording Weights and Measurements for Parts

Hello everyone,
I’m curious for those companies that weigh and measure parts in your part master, what your process is? We implemented this change after using Epicor for several years so ultimately did it “backwards” where we weighed and measured parts that were on the shelf. We’re trying to come up with a process for new parts, on how we would catch that a part is being made or purchased for the first time and needs to be weighed and measured.
Ultimately these are for our eCommerce site, so we do manufacture a lot of parts but mainly the web saleable parts will be purchased and simple manufactured service parts. Also to note, we create many new parts per week and sometimes they do not get acquired (made or purchased) for several months.

I’m just curious what everyone’s process is for this? Thanks in advance.

How about a BPM that fires when the job is completed that checks if the part weight is null, and then pops up a message box to weigh it? The person (or supervisor) would need access to Part Entry, or you could make a customization stripping it down with just the PartNum and weight fields.

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Thanks Andris! I could certainly test something like this. I would be a bit leery to do this because we complete thousands of jobs a week and only a select number of them would be considered “websaleable” so I’d want to test if it slowed down the process. Thanks for your suggestion!

You could mark the part as “Web Saleable” in the part master and only include those parts in your BPM


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Yes we do that.