Reference Cell in Dashboard Grid


I’m sorry if this has been posted before, however I was unable to find anything about this. I would like to reference a value in a cell in a dashboard grid that was added to a screen through a customization. The grid is an Ice.UI.Dashboard.DashboardGridViewPanel. I’m familiar with declaring an EpiUltraGrid and extracting values from those, but this seems different and I’m unfamiliar with how it is done. I’ve also looked in the Epicor Customization Guide and found a section about getting data from Dashboard TrackerViewPanels, but this also seems to be something different than a dashboard panel added through a customization.

If anyone could give me a suggestion or point to any information related to this it would be appreciated.


That’s not a grid…

There used to be a bug where you can’t get to a grid in a dashboard customization (the tree just stops) but I’m that was fixed before your version. I’m on

Can you show me a screen shot of the tree in the customization?

Thanks for the reply Brandon, I do not see the grid listed below the panel. Below is a screen shot of the tree

edit, you are dropping a dashboard onto a normal screen (had to read that a few times)

Let me check some of my other customizations.

Could you elaborate on that some, I’m not sure I fully understand. I believe these were brought in by the sheet wizard. I tried to bring in the dashboard again, however I had the same results.

Mine shows up the same as yours. I’m wondering if the same bug that I had in the dashboard customization is showing up here. To get to it, you will need the giud of the grid, which you can’t get if it doesn’t show up.

I’ve never tried to pull data from a grid that I’ve brought in that way, so I hadn’t noticed this yet.

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You might have to get the information a different way, if you explain what you are trying to get, maybe we can come up with another solution that would work.

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Yeah, I thought it was odd that no grid appeared. I suppose I could use the BAQ that was used in the Dashboard and create an EpiUltraGrid with that as the data source, but hoped I wouldn’t have to go that route.

I’m trying to reprint a label (MtlTag) by passing info from the grid.

as annoying as the extra coding is, embedding the dashboards has been problematic for a lot of people. It might end up being a more robust solution.

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I don’t know the lot tracking process that well, or how you are handling the printing. There are probably a lot of ways that you could get that to work. You may or may not even need the grid in there if you are basing the printing off of whats in your current data view. Although sometimes it’s nice to see what’s in grid. Depends on what you are looking for.

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Unfortunately I need to print specific box labels tied to part lots so the info in the grid is important to my printing process. I’m going to try to add an EpiUltraGrid and move in that direction. Thanks for the input, its appreciated.

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