Refresh EpiUltragrid with a DynamicQuery result


So I have a grid which I initialize calling a DynamicQuery like this:

in InitializeCustomCode():
this.edvGrille = new EpiDataView();
		edvGrille.dataView = new DataView(GetListeExpedition());
		oTrans.EpiDataViews.Add("DemTrsp", edvGrille);

//All this works fine, I got my epidataview bound to my grid using 
EpiBinding = "DemTrsp"

When the user selects a row he can edit another section of the form with data. This data is saved in another table, (both the grid query and the other table are bound by a unique ID. So the original call to GetListeExpedition() would read that table data and show the values.

When the user saves any changes, I thought of just launching again the call to GetListeExpedition() would show the changes in the grid by calling:

edvGrille.dataView = GetListeExpedition().DefaultView; //Don't I replace the same epidataview with the new data ?

The dataview contains the newwest values, but the grid is reluctant to show it.
I have tried both


and still not refreshing

So what would be the magic way to refresh the grid ?



In case anyone is wondering two years later, you get a reference to the grid and call Refresh().