Reg. upgrade from 4.00 to 5.00 issues

Hi All,

This is for who is upgrading from 4:00 to 5.00 and also who upgraded
from 4:00 to 5:00 with QA module installed.

This what happened .....

1. Ver.4.00 got WIP calculation issue on the material transactions for
some jobs and some materials. (example: one material was issued
partially several times to the JOB and when you calculate the total cost
for all the transactions, it doesn't tally with production detail report
as well as job tracker total cost then it moves the wrong cost to cost
of sales when this job was shipped.)

This was happened to some jobs and some materials and till now
our difference between GL as well as cost of sales is about 50K. This
was happening in different months over a year.

I have reported this issue on June 8th 01 and my call ID is 386231. NO
solution yet support is looking on it.

2. Today I was trying to upgrade to ver5.00 and found !!!!!!!!
All my open and closed job cost was recalculated wrongly as part
of the upgrade process????

Example: one material in one of the job got 2 transactions like
part x was required 20 and issued 20 "Stk-Mtl" the cost for 20 is 100$.
The second transaction is nonconformance which is "MTL-ISP" qty of 10
and the cost is 50$.

Now my job tracker and production detail suppose to show me as 100 - 50
which is 50$ INSTEAD it showing me as 150$. It's add up everything
although it not suppose to....

I did inform my Asia support on this issue but I thing they need to
inform USA support then they have to come back to Asia support then only
I will be updated.

3. Finally I have tested on the ver5.00 with a newly created job using
ver5.00 and found ok on the calculation. IT AFFECTS ONLY THE OLD JOBS

So I am going back to ver4.00 although got some issue but not like this
and hope to receive a fix from support soon.

NOTE:-- ver5.00 Progress 9.1A does not supporting windows millennium.

Pls. let me know if you need any clarification on the same.

I am not working tomorrow.. I can able to reply only on Monday if any

Take care,

Megatech Electronics pte ltd.