Regarding Exporting of Data

If you do not want to use the export function of Vantage to export you can
also do :

* Open Progress Report Writer
* Create a basic report - MINUS - the headers, footers, and totals. You can
link tables and do anything else you might normally do.
* Insert commas or some other unique symbol that DOES NOT exist in your data
between each field. ( Commas are usually trouble because they exist in
"Text" fields so often. I like to use "[" - left bracket. )

* From file menu click on export data
* enter the location and name of the file you want to create
* click on "Carriage returns" on EVERY band line

* From within ACCESS - import data - specify your deliminator ( you may have
to enter it under "Advanced" settings ).

For some things this is much faster then trying to figure out a complex

Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.