Regarding MS-SQL for Vantage


Regarding MS-SQL for Vantage.

Mike Holton can respond with much better info then I can on this subject but
here is what I've heard.

1) Vantage is being ported to run on MS-SQL server.
2) Vantage will continue to be supported on Progress. For how long is the
real question.
3) EPICOR's corporate directive is to have all of their products running on
MS-SQL server. This will allow their other products to be grafted onto
Vantage. ( or the other way around depending on your view )

Is this a "Good" thing ? Time will tell.

I agree with your apprehension about MS-SQL server stability. I suspect
EPICOR's sales staff will also tell you that they loose some prospective
customers because they don't run on MS-SQL. Like it or not sales drive
EPICOR - just like the rest of us.

For those of us who have been running Vantage for 4-5 years now we can
remember when it used to run on Novell. Then it was ported to run on NT
because that's what the market wanted. A few years later Novell support was
dropped and NT became the single platform. I have no reason to believe that
history will not repeat itself on this issue.

What I'd like to hear from EPICOR is a timetable for these events to happen.

Todd Anderson

From: Pat Kabel <pkabel@...
Date: Tue Aug 15, 2000 8:21am
Subject: FW: Vantage Database Migration

From our VP, Rodger Vojcek, at Loc Performance.
Pat Kabel
Loc Performance
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> From: Rodger Vojcek
> Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 10:31 PM
> To: Pat Kabel
> Subject: Vantage Database
> I am certainly not going to tell EPICOR how to run their business;
> however, a move to SQL from Progress is a dangerous one. I would agree
> with the comment that Progress has been a fine performer; however, I do
> believe that Progress needs to make some changes to better complete with
> some of the flexibility of SQL. The problem I have is that SQL, and
> basically any MS product, does not have the rigorous reliability that I
> require - and that everyone should demand. Pardon my soap-boxing, but
> there are better products out there, which in some instances are cheaper
> and easier to use/maintain. So why would EPICOR want to complicate things
> more, and risk alienating (I would venture to estimate) a significant
> portion of the current client base by moving in that direction. Even if
> EPICOR had both platforms available, reality would indicate that some area
> of one or the other platform will suffer initially - which likely will be
> in product development/enhancement of the Progress version.
> I would recommend that current users - customers - of Vantage start asking
> for commitments from EPICOR for continued development on the Progress
> platform, regardless of what is planned for the future. We don't want
> them to forget about their promise a major product enhancement/upgrade
> every year. In the case of Loc, that is the majority reason why we pay
> for our yearly Maintenance Agreement.