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I currently have a custom C# library to assist with various parts of our
Epicor customizations, and it is included in the Release Client for all
new installs.

The problem is when I have to update this library, it requires me to
push out a new release client, which is not the most ideal solution (we
have some people over VPN, etc.)

Is there a way in Epicor, using existing Epicor functionality (I don't
have time to roll my own updater), to just replace a few files instead
of the whole release client?

I haven't gotten around to trying, and don't want to spin my wheels if
it can't be done, but I would think you could supply a Release Client
with only new / replacement files, replacement .mfgsys with version
information, and it should work. The problem there is new installs.

Is there any way to, for lack of a better term, supply a client "patch"


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