The twice yearly time change occurs this weekend - remember to adjust your task agent schedules if needed Sunday morning :innocent:


Thank you!

And for us Arizona types, it’s the beginning of the season when you have to wonder what people really mean when they say EST/CST/MST/DST. :rofl:

I understand that there is a bill in congress to start the debate, once again, if to do away with it…

I wish they would. This idea of going around Congress to stay in DST is a bad idea.

IIRC, the proposal is to stay on daylight time all year. If it were up to me, we’d all use UTC!

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States can decide on their own if they want to just stay in it. The only reason congress would have to get involved is if it was desired to not do DST. I would prefer the congress route.

EDIT: strike while the iron’s hot.

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