Remote Site App Server

So i am looking at creating a Remote Site for you users down in a remote location were bandwidth can be an issue at times. Is there a benefit to put a App server in there and have that app server send the data back to the database located at our corporate site. Just wondering if app server rules and reports would be faster at the remote site.

I’m sure there will be many more answers on this, but generally speaking the Appserver does all the heavy lifting except when you want a whole lotta data from your database. IMO, having a local appserver will help in the general daily usage in most cases. You may also want to have a local task agent as well, but that has it’s caveats as well.

The Client UI is typically pretty lightweight - but that is totally dependent on your level of customizations and BPMs/DDs. Otherwise BAQs, Dashboards, Reports and BPMs are the big drain on server-server communications, and can be on the client-server communications as well if you’re moving large sets of data. Generally a lot of custom code doing database lookups is the worst.

I have no finite performance data to back this up, just a lot of research and technical conversations a few years ago because I explored this same option with Epicor in trying to improve performance from the USA to the Netherlands. In the end, we altered some code and changed some processes but never put in a local Appserver.

Having said that, the future browser based UI will eliminate all of these concerns to some extent. However, bad internet connections have no software fix - only mitigations.

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Our data center is in GA, (where the App and SQL servres are), and our users are in PA, OK, WY. So we use Remote Desktop Apps to run the client. This allows users to run from home as well.

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