Remove area on Quote Form per Line Number

Quote form. Would like to suppress the Quantity Breaks area IF the line value is 2 or above. If only 1 then suppress.

How can I do this. I’m sure it is a simple IF statement but I’m not sure.

Thank you in advance. This group is awesome! I always get a great answer!

See quote sample attached.

Maybe if the Expected Qty = Release Qty then Hidden?

I see those rows already have a hidden expression that seems to hide qty breaks for any line after the first one, though I could be reading it wrong, maybe add something like CountRows(“Group1”) = 1

I think it is hiding the Labels after the first row. (SIDE NOTE: If I were building that base report, I would have put the label in the parent group so I wouldn’t need an expression to hide it…)
For your need, you can use an “OR” statement for the first detail, and then the

Hi Jason,

Question. Do you offer consulting services? For example, could I engage your services to do this work for us? I’m trying to find good quality Epicor programmer(s) so I don’t have to use the implementation team I had to use to go live with Epicor.

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Hi did you ever find a solution to get rid of quantity breaks in quotes, I am also fed up with it taking up space on our quotes most of our parts have no quantity breaks


The rows of those lines have an elaborate Visibility expression.

To hide that row (without losing that expression), just add OR true to the end of the expression. Like:


If you just decide to hide it by selecting the “Hide” radio button, that will erase the expression.

Do it to these two rows:

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Thank you I am have to learn the Custom Reporting side of things first any recommend online resources (I am going to search the epiusers and the internet first) at the moment we are running lean so signing up for a course isn’t in the cards.

Thank you for the great details I hope/have a feeling this will help others too!

Trial and Error has been my best teacher. :slight_smile:

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I hired a GREAT consultant I found via this board. It is frowned on to ask for consulting help but I did and that fixed the problem.

Hi Tayler,

I hired a consultant found on this forum. He fixed my problem and so many others.