Remove Details

When the Job is just made, it is quite easy to pull the MOM with “Get Details”. Emptying a Job is tedious.

We have a series of parts that are getting updated. We update through Eng. Workbench. We are starting to update this series, but it is a slow process, one-by-one. DMT doesn’t seem be the best path to update the Job MOMs once one is updated because they are not done en masse. Also, the person doing the update has no exposure to DMT and doesn’t learn new things well.

The Jobs already have a full, wrong MOM in them. I figure I can add a button with code behind it to delete all the Job content, then “Get Details” for the correct MOM. The rule would be BEFORE the Job has been Eng and Released - no POs or transactions.
Before I started this I’m just wondering if anyone has already tackled this sort of thing already. Or is there a built in, easy way to do this that I’m not aware of?


For “emptying” the job are you just right-clicking the top assembly and selecting delete all?

If your jobs are created through MRP, they will have the method that existed when the MRP run occurred.

I see what you are saying. Right-clicking on the ASM in the tree never occurred to us.

We kept looking for something in the Actions tab and found nothing useful.
Thanks, folks!

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