Remove/Edit Enterprise Search Help

We recently upgraded from 10.1.400 to 10.1.500, we need to edit or delete our Enterprise search setup from the Application server setup, however all the fields are greyed out and we can’t modify anything. The problem is when we try to redeploy it we get an error for our SQL users ‘sa’ password being invalid, this is because we have changed our ‘sa’ password. Even going to the Actions Menu > Uninstall we get an error stating our password for ‘sa’ is invalid. At this point we need to either edit our sa password in the app server setup screen or remove it and add a new enterprise search setup. Seems silly epicor doesn’t let you edit any of this. How do we edit this info or delete it and re-add it?

Enterprise Search I believe is another Web App, did you look in IIS to see the App Pool / App Folder and see if you can change the password in the web.config?

Looking at the web.config file, I don’t see an option to change the password.

I know… oh the horror! but have you tried calling support? They should be able to set you up pretty quickly… I hope @aidacra?

Another question I have is, is it possible to run Enterprise search with appservers that are on different versions? We upgraded a couple of our environments to 10.1.500.9 and left some others at 10.1.400.18, I noticed now in the Admin Console when I try clicking on the Ent. Search Mgmt Node, I am getting a ‘incompatible error’