Remove Report From Report Style Maintance Scrren

This should not be so hard… I have opened a service call with Epicor and to say I was disappointed with the technician is an understatement.

I created some extra reports when developing a new solution, I want to get rid of them so they wont confuse me in a couple weeks. I have deleted all the styles on the report but when I select the report itself the Delete option is greyed out.

I know I am missing something but at wits end trying to figure it out.

As always, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Was the initial report created on BAQ Report Designer? If so, just delete it there and it should disappear as an option on Report Style.

No. It was created in the Report Style Maintenance screen New->Report

But the original DD data sources were BAQ’s

I think I remember having to go to the Companies/Images tab and uncheck everything before it would let me delete one. This was in 10.2.400 though.

@markamiller ,
Could you send a few screenshots for us to look at?
I could speculate but I’d rather see before commenting…

Thanks to everyone for looking at my issues:

In the example I have a report with no report styles(I was able to remove them). When I select the report the Delete buttonnd the File->Delete menu option is grayed out.

Probably should have said earlier this is on the Public Cloud, wouldn’t think that is relevant, but I am never sure.

Can you try clicking here and checking the Delete button ?

Thanks for the thought, but unfortunately no go. Not really a big deal, just maddening.